San Francisco, California

Trolley Cars, Eclectic Food, The 49er’s and Beautiful Architecture, Add San Fran to Your Bucket List.

San Francisco, California in November. I have not been any other time of year, but love the weather in November. Not too cold and definitely not hot. It is still football season, so the jaunt out to the new Levi’s stadium is an easy 45 minute Uber ride. We were able to score some really great seats for not too much money. Well worth a fun evening with friends.

The city has so restaurants that will represent any culture that your taste buds may crave. This trip we were craving soul food. So we checked out Farmer Browns (got to have the mac and cheese and fried chicken, amazing) and Hard Knox Café. The atmosphere in both was small and quaint and the service excellent. At Hard Knox Café the portions are large and plentiful and the food seasoned just right. The chicken and waffles with a side of sweet potatoes and the mac and cheese was to die for. I have not had fried chicken that was fried and seasoned to perfection. The skin crispy and the meat tender and juicy. You need to check them out when you are in the Bay Area. We made it out to china town and had dimsun, can now check that off the bucket list, interesting but not really my cup of tea with my simple taste buds. And don’t forget to check out Fisherman’s Wharf where you can find some of the best clam chowder the Bay Area has to offer. Again, whatever you may be in the mood for, San Fran can fulfill your hunger.

Hard Knox Cafe
Farmer Browns

We found the best place to visit the Golden Gate Bridge was at Lands End. They have a cute little gift shop, bathrooms and the gift shop has a small café that sells sandwiches and pastries. At this vantage point, you can walk along the pier which takes you out into the Bay, excellent for pictures, or if you walk a brief 5-10 minutes, you are able to get right underneath the bridge. I do recommend going when the weather is clear. Our visit this year was when California was experiencing massive amounts of fires, so the haze was definitely in the air.

You can quickly knock two to three of the famous San Fran landmarks off your list in one afternoon, or even a couple of hours. We made it to the GGB around noon, spent an hour there taking pictures and walking around. After that we headed to Lombard Street to get the obligatory picture and hike up and down viewing the cute little houses, all while wondering why people would choose to live on a street that literally never sleeps. A quick drive from Lombard Street is Coit Tower. When heading up to Coit tower, you pass through winding roads, with the prettiest little/big houses, where most have been renovated. Once you get to the top there are picturesque views of the GGB as well. All excellent picture opportunities.

If in San Francisco longer than 2-3 days, I would definitely recommend taking a trip out to see Alcatraz Island and spending a day in Napa Valley. It is a once in a lifetime experience. It is truly amazing to listen to the audio tape while touring the facility. It gives you a harrowing sense of what the prisoners and guards endured while occupants. Some say you can hear the “spirits” if you take the night tour and not to mention, I am sure it is a little creepy to be on “The Rock” at night. We spent a late morning and half of an afternoon wondering the island. It is a mandatory excursion while in the Bay Area.

Alcatraz Island from the Ferry

I have been to San Francisco twice now and both times found something new to do. If photography is your thing, like it is mine, there are so many opportunities for an obscene amount of beautiful captures. San Francisco needs to be on everyone’s bucket list, at least once.

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