Five Things To Do, See and Experience While in Gruene, Texas

Historic Gruene Hall

First on the list, Historic Gruene Hall. A 6000 square foot dance hall, still with the original floorplan, which was built in 1878. Fun Fact: It is Texas’ oldest continually operating and most famous dance hall. You can find some of country’s most famous musicians that still play here as well as some well known Rock N Roll bands. It is a staple in Gruene that you won’t want to miss.

Rhea’s Ice Cream Shop

Making the list at #2, is Rhea’s ice cream. An authentic ice cream shop with only three locations – Gruene, New Braunfels and San Marcos. The shop was opened in 2009 and as served locals and tourists alike. The ice cream itself is so creamy and not too rich. It is a perfect combination of sweet and tasty. The homemade waffle cones are a treat as well, nice and crispy, baked just right. My two favorite flavors are the rosemary lemon and the avocado coconut. On a hot summer day, be sure to stop by Rhea’s (pronounced Ray’s) to satisfy that sweet tooth. You won’t be disappointed. You can check them out at

Gruene General Store

One of the original staples of Gruene, Texas – Gruene General Store. It has served two purposes in the course of it’s lifetime. Mr. Henry Gruene developed and built the General Store of Gruene, Texas to serve the local sharecroppers who were raising cotton. Gruene, Texas ceased to exist in 1925 due to the boll weevil population ruining the cotton crops. However, in 1974, the town was reinvented by the State Historical Commission as a Historic District and brought back to life. Gruene General store reopened it’s doors as a souvenir shop, candy shop even selling ice cream. To get the best souvenir’s in Gruene, make sure you stop by the Gruene General Store.

Guadalupe River at Gruene Bridge

Coming in at number four is floating the Guadalupe River. You are able to make your way down to the river by foot from city centre of Gruene. Several tubing companies offer transportation to the starting point as well as tube rentals. The large company that has a post right next to the Gruene Bridge is Rockin R Tubes. If you are visiting Texas Hill Country in the summer, this is a must at least once. Make sure you bring plenty of sun screen, because the float is long.

Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar – Gruene, Texas

And rounding off the list at #5 is Gruene’s most famous restaurant, Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar. Fun Fact: The restaurant used to be an old cotton gin, built in 1878, until it burnt down in 1922, was restored and reopened in 1977 as the famous Gristmill Restaurant.

My favorite on the menu is the chicken fried steak and their delicious stack of onion rings. Always fried and seasoned to perfection. Be prepared to wait for at least an hour if you are going anytime in the late spring and summer. Check out all of their mouth watering dishes here –

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