Fredericksburg, Texas


Why Fredericksburg, Texas is a Small Town Gem Deep Down in the Heart of Texas….

I found myself deciding that I wanted to take a drive up to the Texas Hill Country one Saturday. So I took off in the early morning hours towards Fredericksburg. The area is riddled with wineries, old school charm, boutique style shops and cute little hip restaurants with live music and beer, lots of beer. It was a real treat to park the car at the edge of town and take off to wander and wonder at all the little gems that this little bustling town had to offer.

On my way into town, passed this cute little wine and jam shop called the Peach Haus. It was old school, yet eclectic, and had every different kind of jam created from locally sourced farms and ranches. They had a tasting room as well, and perfectly placed within the shop was samples of almost every flavor they had. They had a cute little wine bar, staffed by local residents who were very knowledgeable on all wines served, where there crops were harvested and the history of the selected wineries. Definitely worth stopping here on your way into town.

West End Pizza had a very flavorful atmosphere, equipped with a patio where live music was booming from the gates. Keep walking and you can have ice cream at one of the many home style, soda shop style ice cream shops. I stopped in at Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery and the line was out the door. Apparently this little shop is well known in Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas. They had very common flavors and also some very unique flavors. The ice cream was smooth, rich and amazing. Definitely worth satisfying your sweet tooth at Clear River.

If architecture is your thing, this small city wonder, has no shortage. You can wander around the streets, while admiring 19th century homes with the big down south wrap around porches, all wood walls, and wooden floors, before they became popular. Beautiful churches, are every couple city blocks, which makes me think that this little town has a culture rich in family and faith. One church that I was in awe of with its massive size and intricate details and just its sheer beauty was St. Mary’s Catholic Church. As I was leaving my little side street excursion, putting my photo skills into play, I ran into an elder of Fredericksburg at the stop sign. He informed me that the building, which looked like a massive city office, across from the church, was where he once attended first grade. He told me he was a local celebrity and laughed and offered for me to take his picture. I politely declined since, after all, he was in his vehicle obviously headed somewhere important. He laughed sweetly and was on his way. As I made my way back to the main street, there was a quaint, upscale restaurant, The All New Altdorf Biergarten, with a live jazz band playing outside while patrons sipped on their local wine and sampled on tasty German appetizers.

Not far from Fredericksburg is Enchanted Rock State Park. If you are spending the weekend enjoying German food, local wine and all the fresh local peaches you can handle, it is worth driving out to Enchanted Rock to pay witness to it’s massive beauty. Make sure you wear your hiking shoes and if you go in the morning, you may want to take a jacket. It gets a little chilly the higher you hike.

If exploration of the Texas Hill Country is on your list, you will definitely need to make a stop in Fredericksburg.


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